Deer Island, Winthrop MA

What is Deer Island, and why is it called that?

Deer Island is a peninsula off of Winthrop Massachusetts that sits in Boston Harbor, and since 1996 it’s been part of the Boston Harbor Island National Recreation Area. The island, now technically a peninsula, was named Deer Island because deer often swam over from the mainland when chased by the wolves from Boston Neck. It has a rich complex history, and is currently used for a water treatment plant, and recreation area.

Beach Day in Winthrop - Deer Island (6)
“Beach Day in Winthrop”
Boston From Deer Island
“Boston from Deer Island”
Boston Harbor - Deer Island
“Boston Harbor from Deer Island”
Boston Sky Line From Deer ISland
“Boston Sky Line from Deer Island”
Deer Island - Deer Island
“Deer Island”
North Atlantic - Deer Island
“North Atlantic”
Whinthrop Bay View - Deer Island (5)
“Winthrop Bay View”
Winthrop Shore - Deer Island
“Winthrop Shore”

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